Helping eliminate expensive downtime with products that work.

Our team understands the need for your indirect fired and line heaters to function efficiently and effectively.

That’s why our in-house design and manufacturing team focuses on creating custom units that are Cost-effective, Energy Efficient and come with high efficiency burner and advanced BMS systems.

Indirect fired heaters are often used to heat liquids or gas in a pipeline or a well-stream. They are typically used in gas transmission lines or gas flow lines found near wellheads upstream of oil and gas production pipelines to keep the temperature of the gas in a flow line above its freezing point. Line heaters are also used to heat oil or water in transmission lines.  

Indirect fired heater shells are typically atmospheric and designed for hazardous area classifications. All control system components meet CSA, NFPA and UL recommendations. Process bath heaters have few moving parts, require little maintenance, and can achieve efficiencies of 70% without the use of an economizer.

Forced draft and natural draft burners

We manufacture both forced draft and convectional natural draft indirect fired heater designs ranging from 1.0 – 10 MMBTUH/Hr.

Our process coil selection considers design requirements for inlet/outlet temperatures and maximum allowable pressure drop by controlling the number of passes, tube lengths, and tube size. The coil is built per ASME Section VIII, Division 1.