Leaders in the design and fabrication of reboilers for industry use.

Reboilers are an essential part of the refining process.

They remove corrosive hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide gases from the hydrocarbon stream so respective fuels can be stored or introduced into the pipeline.

We know it’s essential to select the right type and size of reboiler to ensure your refining process works smoothly with little to no downtime and that you stay within the regulated maximum allowance of acid gas compounds.   

Regardless of the system you choose, we also know it’s important to ensure the respective fluid stream is heated to a sufficient temperature to strip the acid gas or water without overheating the stream. This helps you avoid significant mixture degradation, thereby reducing its ability to absorb the acid gas or water.

Our design and manufacturing teams understand this delicate balance required for various reboilers. We work with you to select the right solution and make sure your unit is exactly to spec when delivered and commissioned.

Our in-depth understanding helps ensure the long-term success of your refining process.

No matter your requirements, our team can help you select the ideal heater type and size for your refining system.