At Petro-Tech, the safety and well being of everyone who works or visits our site is critically important.

We talk about safety every day.

Every member of our team understands the importance of creating a safe workplace. We empower our people to bring their concerns forward and share their ideas on how we can improve site safety. We identify, understand, and resolve any hazards that can cause accidents and injuries.

We work together to ensure a strong safety culture is embedded across all levels of our company.

To help us maintain our rigorous safety standards, we have numerous procedures and training programs in place that comply with or exceed Occupational Health and Safety regulations. We are COR certified and have ISNet World, Aveta and ComplyWorks memberships along with our Manufacturers’ Health & Safety Association (MHSA) membership.

We are committed to making sure that everyone, whether a full-time employee, contractor, or visitor, goes home safely at the end of each day.